Friday, September 11, 2009

Hot, Flat and Wait, What's That?

I've been trying to read Thomas Friedman's latest book, Hot, Flat and Crowded. Not an easy read given the implications he's suggesting about our collective inability to comes to grips with what we're doing to our precious planet.

A couple of days ago, refreshed from a glorious long weekend playing around on a secluded lake, with good friends, I happen to pass this interesting scene. At first nothing appeared out of the ordinary, until my eye caught the green roof over the patio bar. A living roof! Sown with what seemed to be wild-flowers! Mr. Friedman would have been proud. Green roofs won't save our world from devastation, but they're a bit like a finger pointing in the direction we need to be going. Like a sun-roof on a Prius, like the electric panel on my camper, like providing some serious health care for our planet... well you get the idea. I hope.

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Silbs said...

Come on up to Door County, the thumb on the map of Wisconsin. There used to be (may still be there) a pancake house with goats grazing on the roof.