Monday, September 28, 2009

Paddle # 47 of the Year.

Once again, calm weather prevailed on the lake. As I was putting the boat away, I could see a breeze beginning and was tempted to head out once again, but with the luck I've been having, my presence on the water would return conditions to calm once again. I finished putting things away and drove home. As you can see from the photo above, the leaves are beginning to turn. Not many scarlet colours out yet, but the browns and yellows are coming along. Hopefully it won't rain too much this week and the reds will break out. We haven't had a really good fall colour display for a few years and I'd like to go out for a paddle in the blazing glory. Bring it on!

Before leaving however, my eye caught this little fellow. I didn't flip him (her?) over to check his tummy, but I'm assuming he's a ring neck snake which has a distribution from Nova Scotia to Mexico in eastern North America. I never saw the colour of his tummy which ought to have been red to yellow. I should have checked because now I'm curious to know if my identification is correct or not. I must take more time to see life's details!

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Richard Hayes said...

There's not much that I envy about living on the Mainland, but the spectacular fall colours is one thing you've got over us. Our forests are, for the most part, conifers, and we seldom get whole vistas of blazing hillsides. Ah, well, one can;t have everything...