Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Echos

Taking advantage of a run of beautiful end-of-summer weather, a few friends and I hiked and trolley'd into Joeperry Lake in Ontario's Bon Echo Provincial Park last weekend. It was a memorable weekend of calm, sunny weather, good food and laughter that went right down to the soles of our feet.

The picture above is of one of our sites we'd booked. We stopped briefly to check out it's virtues, but found it lacking somewhat. It did have a pair of child's shoes carefully and mysteriously placed by the fire, but that wasn't enough. It's 'sanitary facility', a thunder box, was ancient, well used and nearly to the point of over-flowing. We paddled on. We're glad we did.

I'll write more on another post about our final destination and some of our adventures, but skipping ahead to the last day of our visit, we paddled out on Lake Mazinaw to its famous cliffs. They extend for about 1.5 kilometers in a more or less straight line, often reaching heights of 100 meters over the water.

Scattered along the base are nearly 300 petroglyphs painted onto the rock in a reddish hue. The one in the above picture, I believe, has been used by the Canadian Canoe Museum as its logo. Why they were made, how, when and by whom exactly is a mystery. The high traffic on the lake, including the presence of rock climbers makes me wonder how much longer they will be visible. I felt most of them had faded since my last visit in the early 2000's...

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