Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Biding the Tide

When I was paddling last summer in the Gaspé and again in PEI I found it handy to have easy access to tidal information. Note that the tides in those areas were not that large, but when the foreshore is shallow for a long way out, launching and returning to shore can be a difficult carry or if you have a cart, a long haul. Knowing the state of the tide can save some wear and tear on the body. The tool is a free download and covers most part of the world via numerous databases which download with the program itself. The only area which may not be covered is the UK, but I believe the site gives further information.

I've been using TideTool on my Palm for the last several years and find it handy. It doesn't give as many tidal reading sites as I might wish for in an ideal world, but it is still useful for the kind of information I desire for the places I'm apt to go.

The above picture is a shot taken yesterday of the growing ice on my lake. I found the crystal 'flowers' which grow on the new ice fascinating. They tell an interesting story about ice, how it can be both beautiful and scary at the same time. When I hunted with the Inuit, the sea ice was both friend and foe, constantly switching roles back and forth in a dance of life and death. There are many similar dances in life, I suppose. The better you learn to dance, the better life you'll have!

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