Saturday, January 20, 2007

Winter's Getting Nasty

Great picture, don't you think? I think NOT! My lake is disappearing into the distance by the hour. The continued cold weather is only saved by the small chance that the winds today - another photo-wrecking item - will break up the ice at the north end of the lake so I can use my new put-in.

I know it isn't easy to see in this less than stunning shot of the lake, but there is clear water way out there in the distance. Will it stay that way? Will the winds break the distant ice at the north end and keep it open? I can only pray it does. Good thing I like to ski because even with the wind and cold it was fun being out under the trees, listening to the wind roar above us as we took shelter in the calm below.


Silbs said...

I see you are getting crappy comments from lame branes. Get thee to a pool

Michael said...

A warm pool would be just the thing in this kind of weather, Dick! Then again there's California where I'm thinking of going to visit soon. They've got a huge pacific pool out there!

clairesgarden said...

california will be a wee bitty warmer hopefully.