Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bye bye last year, goodbye, goodbye...

Probably the best sunset of the past year was this one. It was a beautiful calm evening up at the lighthouse in Twillingate, Newfoundland. I was with a fair bunch of people who'd come up for the view and no one felt like leaving. Only darkness finally forced us back down to the town and into its restaurants and bars.
Weather in Newfoundland seemed to be highly changeable, never leaving one hot or cold, wet or dry for long. I was told to wait a minute if I wanted the weather to change! It wasn't quite that bad, but nearly. The biggest constant seemed to be the wind and the ceaseless waves. All in all, a wonderful place, the highlight of my paddling year - and I didn't even paddle there, but I will!


clairesgarden said...

stunning sunset. makes you want to jump in a kayak and head off into it.
Scotland has that 'wait a minute' weather too.

Michael said...

I was going crazy without my kayak while in Newfoundland and especially seeing places like Twillingate. I going back there this summer and taking my kayak(s)!