Sunday, October 1, 2006

Look Ma, the Water's Gone Green!

As you can tell from the picture above, the water has indeed turned green. Almost pea soup green in fact. I could bearly hang on to my paddle it was so slippery paddling along. So we've got an algae bloom on our hands.
The local town and several nearby, which get their water from the lake sent the usual 'Don't Use The Water' notices around to everyone, but this time they added 'For Anything!'. No drinking, no bathing, no teeth brushing, no laundry, nothing. The algae was a form of blue-green algae thought to produce a toxic substance and so the towns got worried big time. One recently got a lawsuit for $2.3 for the hotel fire last Spring and decided to err on the extreme side of caution, bringing the others along for the ride.
This week things are a bit calmer, people can wash again, but still not drink the water. The algae disappeared for a few days, but I noticed it was back yesterday as I made the daily circuit tour I do most mornings. Farm run-off is the suspect, as usual, as if to suggest that the rest of us had nothing to do with causing it. Mmmmm....

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Kati said...

How coincidental ( or is it?!) that you should post about algae as well! Nasty stuff!