Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Working On The 'List'.

I received news recently that my plan to paddle for several weeks in Georgian Bay, Ontario has run into doubt. While I have not heard from two of the participants, the third has regretfully had to put the trip off for at least a year. The remaining paddlers may still wish to do part of the trip, although neither was committed to it in its entirety, a complete circumnavigation of the bay.

This leaves my August paddling plans up in the air a bit. However, like many people I have a 'little list' of potential paddling trips I'd love to do. I mentioned the Lower North Shore of Quebec a while ago, a trip I'd dearly love to finish one day, given a suitable paddling partner. Here is another trip on my list, the lake formed when the Manic 5 dam was built on the Manicougan River which drops down to Baie Comeau on the St Lawrence River in Quebec. The impoundment lake thus formed has created a circular body of water, the result of an ancient meteorite impact. From what I've heard, the area is a geological wonderland well worth the time it would take to paddle. The distance around is roughly 120 miles or 200 kms making it a great week's outing. This would provide sufficent time to see all the wonders reputed to exist on the shoreline.

Interested in coming along? Or are you having trouble with your 'trip list' as well a list as well?


derrick said...


sorry to hear about that. I know keeping & finding paddlers for such trips can really be rough. LOL!

Kristen said...

Don't tempt me! Give us another year or two, and I'll bring the entire family.

Michael said...

Derrick - don't tell me you have this kind of problem! LOL

Kristen - Hey, lots of caribou moss up there for rash-free diapers! Seize the present! ;-)

bonnie said...

That lake looks AMAZING! Can you really do what it looks like you can do - park your car (which of course in my case is a theoretical car), and then paddle 20 miles a day for 6 days to get back to your car?

That is so cool.

Don't think I can make it though. Sorry!

Michael said...

Bonnie - I wouldn't lie to ya, now would I? ;-)