Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Been Chilly...

Instead of taking the kayak to a new location to paddle today, I decided to walk the route. Sounds strange, but being a cold (-6°C) day with yet another bone jarring wind, walking along the river bank seemed a better option. I cold easily retreat to the car if I felt I was getting too numb to go on.

It turns out that beavers have been very active along this section, only minutes from town. In the photo you can see the tree beside their well-worn path has been nearly chewed through.

The ponds along the river have started to freeze over. No wonder the beavers are putting away their winter's food. Once the lake is covered over, the beavers food source is harder to get.

My boats are put away, well... sort of put away. When it began snowing the other day, I more or less threw them into the shed until I can make better arrangements for the winter to come. This way, if I want to suddenly dash out, they're handy. I still have the rack on the car, so I can be off in a few minutes.

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Silbs said...

You mean the rack can come off the car? :)