Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Imagine!

Six figure income! Even in these tough economic times that's serious loot. You could have any kayak in the world, paddle anywhere you want, take anyone you want with you... I'm ready to click on the picture and start some serious blogging.

Being a serious business oriented person, I decided to look behind the picture first to see exactly what else might be involved. Sadly, that's where things began to unravel. The first name that came up that I recognized was Howard Stern's. Okay, not my favourite, but who else was there? Natalie Dylan. Who is she, I wondered? That's when things totally collapsed. I wouldn't be getting the bucks.

You see Natalie is running a blog with Howard to auction off her virginity. That's where the big money is. Ya gotta be a virgin. My problem is my virginity would probably be questioned by any possible client. Maybe if I took out the part about being a father in my profile statement... Naaa... accepting the money would be a form of sponsorship and I really don't feel comfortable going there. Oh well.

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