Sunday, September 13, 2009

Paddling Days

A few years ago at this time I got it into my head to paddle every day for 100 days. This year, I've been thinking that I'll be lucky to get in 50 paddling days for the whole year! At first I began to wonder if I was slowing down, getting old or even worse, was I getting lazy...?

Since doing the 100 consecutive days, I've continued keeping a log of each paddle I go out on. Today I was out on #42 for the year. Checking into my records for previous years, I find I'm actually a bit ahead of where I usually am for this time of year. Questioning fellow paddlers, it turns out I'm ahead of many of them for days paddled in 2009, but to be fair, most of them have regular day jobs and I don't.

So if I'm getting old and slowing down, at least the data doesn't reflect it. Yet.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Right on Michael good to hear the stats are favoring. I hope you continue the kayak journey as we'd miss your postings.

Tony said...

Sounds like you're not making any concessions to age. We're clearly not getting older Michael, we're getting better.

Nice picture too, interesting colours and shades.

Tony :-)

Silbs said...

You're just maturing. Old age comes much later. Love your stuff.