Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yoga? Me?

Me? Well, I... Kayaking and yoga exercises have become fellow travellers for a while now, but I have not taken part. I have no idea why. I know two excellent Greenland style paddlers who give a yoga session to people about to head out paddling, but for some reason I've never attended their early morning exercises. I have absolutely no idea why I don't go other than pure laziness. I think that's going to change. It might do something for those muscles that ache at me at the end of the day.

You might say I'm slowly becoming 'enlightened'...

Photo credit: Northern Edge Algonquin


Simon Willis said...

Go on Michael, show us your downward dog! A shoulder injury has stopped me doing my (very limited) yoga for the last year and I miss it. Even if it's just a way to keep flexible as the bone age it's worth it.

Silbs said...

I've dabbled in it, but never kept it up. This morning, at coffee, JB gave me a CD on YOGA for paddlers. Hmmmmm.

Adam Bolonsky Dot Com said...

Hi John,
would you have any photos of your solar charger in use while you've been on your travels?

I'd like to publish them, and links, if you do.

Thanks for commenting on my recent post.