Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Amazing Goop!

The never-ending search for a warm dry paddling mitt goes on. I've been using my LevelSix mitts mostly in the last weeks. Of all the things I've tried, they leak the least and are quite warm. Their only downside is the raw neoprene outer surface which tends to be quite fragile and prone to tearing. It makes one understand why most neoprene has a nylon coating for abrasion resistance. On the upside, the stickiness of the raw rubber is an asset hanging onto paddles, cameras and other gear. Any holes that have developed have been successfully repaired with SeamSeal.

Recently I came across another seam sealing material, shown here in the picture, Amazing Goop! Richard Jensen has some pictures up on his Webshots site of a tuiliq he made, first sewing the seams and then doing a very neat job sealing the seams with black Goop (it is usually clear). I'm always looking for ways to stay warm and dry with easy to use repair ideas, so I'm going to add a tube of this stuff to my repair kit.

Now, I'm going paddling!

97/100 temp: -2°C; cloudy; low winds; lake ice...!


Kristen said...

Aah, but does it smell any good?!

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Michael, I wonder if that is what we know as Sikaflex? It is a truly amazing compound. It has real substance so it is not just an adhesive but a sealer as well. Once dry it is non sticky and remains flexible. The only downside is a very short shelf life once opened.

I am delighted to hear you are going paddling in the temperate -2C. Last night we were out in -5C. :o)

Michael said...

Kristen - it smells yummy! We're basting our turkey with it! (You KNOW I's kidding!)

Douglas - OK, I'll see your -5°C and lower mine to -8°C. And that's with all the hassle of rudder freeze-up etc. You guys 'cheat' by paddling 'easy' boats which lack these appendages... ;-)

Douglas Wilcox said...

Michael, last night I was out in a Valley Aleut Sea II double which does have a rudder. In fact I like rudders very much, particularly for surfing! I am currently testing the Karitek hydraulic hydroskeg/rudder for Ocean Paddler. It is a very impressive piece of kit. :o)

Michael said...

Douglas - you're a hard man to beat! LOL

By the way, I'm aware of Sikaflex and it's not Goop. The Newport RI wooden boat show used to have a boat builders race using SikaFlex as the only fastener. Teams were provided with some plywood and 2x4 lumber and as much adhesive as they wanted. The challenge was to rapidly build a boat, then paddle it out to a buoy and back. First completion was the winner. Great fun!