Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Icicles Galore

I didn't paddle today. The temperature was in the 'good' range, but the winds were way too high, gusting above 50 kph. That and the fetch they had made for one crazy lake. Tomorrow looks cold so we'll see what happens.

Now that I only have five days to make my hundred, each day counts! I'll be heading to Halifax on Friday for a few days. Hey, who knows, maybe I'll get a paddle invitation down there (hint, hint, if you're reading this from Nova Scotia...).

The picture is of some of the icicles which have formed over the past week or so. I'm always impressed how high up some of them are and how long they can get without breaking.


Kristen said...

And we had C25 today... ;)

Silbs said...

Kristen is really starting to irritate me :)
Nice photo of the stalatites (?Stalamites) of ice. Are they formed on just branches or is there something under them that we don't see?

DaveO said...

I need to figure out how you can have icicles and open water at the same time. Is that a lake or an estuary?

Michael said...

Kristen - only 25°? Poor you!

Silbs - the icicles were formed on the overhanging branches and roots of the trees.

Daveo - it's a fresh water lake which has yet to freeze over. It will by mid-January or so. There's enough thermal mass to keep the water open in spite of the below-freezing air temperatures.