Thursday, December 13, 2007

Late Night Visitors

Living as we do in the country, my wife has both dogs and horses, as do many other people in the area. Living as we do, we know all the neighbours and frequently visit back and forth, sharing news and meals and so on. Late last night, our older dog suddenly did something he rarely does: he barked. Then he barked several more times. My wife instantly knew something was up and looked outside. Sure enough we had visitors. Or, at least, our horses did!

We threw on our winter gear and plunged into the - 20°C night. Up the hill at the barn, we found the visitors. Two of our neighbours horses had decided to come for a visit with our two! All on their own, they had managed to escape from their barn, trundle down the road, turn up our driveway and here they were, now wondering how they were going to join our horses in our barn with all the doors closed!

My wife soon had the barn door opened, had grabbed some halters and lead lines and got them on the visitors. We let them have a few quick snorts with our guys and then we headed back to the neighbours, each of us with a horse in tow. Fortunately our neighbours had realized their horses were out on the prowl and met us in our driveway, so all was well and we didn't have to walk all the way back to their barn.

Another uneventful evening in the country, where life is so slow even the horses are bored, but the fires warm, the neighbours are friendly and we like it when nothing much ever seems to happen...


Kristen said...

Garrison Keillor, eat ya heart out!

Michael said...

Kristen - ya, everyone here is way above average! LOL

clairesgarden said...

horses are herd creatures. they probably just wanted to check out their friends.
nice to see the dogs snuggling up.