Friday, December 14, 2007

Boo-Hoo, Sorta

Snowstorms and the effect they tend to have on the mountains road of northern Maine have conspired to cancel my little trip to the Halifax waterfront. Oh well, back to local paddling!

Speaking of which, here is a little video I made the other day while out on the water. Overhanging trees provide an interesting tree-tunnel experience and seeing icicles hanging off the cliffs make fun out of what could be just another ho-hum paddle.

96/100 temp: -2°C; snowing; light winds.


Silbs said...

What a soothing clip...and I can't resist: Hands looked close together (or was that a sliding stroke?). Grip too tight? More torso rotation :>) I always wanted to be a film critic. Actually, you looked like you had the boat moving well. I can't believe those gloves keep you warm.

Michael said...

Silbs - well... I had the videocam tucked into a pdf pocket as I paddled so what you're looking at is a combination of trying to keep the boat moving without letting the camera fall into the water! Not condusive to improving one's technique!
The mitts (LevelSix) are the dryest and warmest I've found so far. I wear poly gloves inside and the mitts have a pile lining. Light, thin and warm, although a 'raw' neoprene is quite fragile and now covered with repairs!