Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm not a happy paddler these days. The weather hasn't been helping me accomplish my 100 days of paddling goal which I set for myself in late August. It's been well below freezing, but worse than that, it's been very windy for the better part of the past week.

Now I am looking at this weather map. Above the picture on their web site, Environment Canada posted a red box in which was written SNOW WARNING. From the size of the cloud, it will snow from today right into Wednesday and they also promise high winds as well. Now, I want a white Christmas too, but I can wait for it. No need to begin piling the stuff up for a while yet!


Ron said...

Welcome to Winter! That's the same storm system we spent the weekend with. Dropped about 8" of snow near Minneapolis. It's a cold and dry snow, much more pleasant than the heavy wet stuff we normally get early in the season. Alberta Clipper is forecast to give us another 2-3 inches by tomorrow.

Michael said...

Ron - your 8" has become about 10" for us and as you say, we're to have more of the stuff right through the week... Now how is a guy suppose to hunt fresh water seals for dinner in that wind of weather?

Richard Hayes said...

Getting a few flakes here (Eastern Newfoundland), too, for the first time this winter. Been breezy tho...had 70-110 km. winds all day yesterday, backed off to 60-90 km. today. Calling for 10 cms. later today, flurries for the balance of the week. Power was out for about an hour last night, but we somehow survived :->)) Vks are lurking patiently under the deck...

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael
I'm writing from Pillar Point New York, near Watertown, close to Kingston ONT.
WE've got light show here too.
My buddy and I are going to Paddle the Trent-Severn Waterway in August of 08 and we are looking for some information. I got the Ports Guide to Trent-Severn and it is very useful, but the eternal logistic question is still unanswered.
How will we get back to Trent, on Lake Ontario from Georgean Bay?

If you or any of your readers have suggestions or other sites that may be useful, please let me know at

Thanks and happy paddling.


Michael said...

Dave - well... there's the Huron shore of Ontario, pass Detroit/Windsor, hang a left along Lake Erie, careful at Niagara, there's a big drop there, and bingo, now you're in Lake Ontario and home! Simple. ;-)