Thursday, November 29, 2007

Freya's Point

Here's a picture of the lighthouse atop Puysegur Point on New Zealand's South Island. While the light doesn't look that impressive, it sits 45 meters above the water on one of the toughest paddling venues in the world. Open to the huge seas and constant winds of the Southern Ocean, it also marks the southern entrance to the Fjordlands, a remote area on the South Island of New Zealand where few people live and where easy beach landings are hard to come by. I don't want to pretend that it will be easy-going once Freya passes this point, but it does mark the successful completion of a major hurdle in her circumnavigation. It marks the half-way point as well.

Freya Hoffmeister will be looking up at this light in the next day or so as she rounds the Point on her solo paddle around the South Island. Like you, I'll be wishing her light winds, low swells and favouring currents!

You can follow her trip by clicking here or on her blog link in the right-hand sidebar.

Update! Freya posted on Dec 2 that she's entered Fjordland, having paddled around Puysegur Point! Sounds like the gods were good to her and kept conditions moderately easy...

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