Friday, November 2, 2007

The Hebrides

After reading Cailean McLeod's review of it, I just had to get a copy of Ewan Gillespe's new book titled Hebridean Waves. I ordered direct from the publisher and received the book within a week. I'm just finishing the last chapter now and a great read it is. He has a easy way of writing and gives the feel of a good story-teller recounting the day's outing at the pub afterwards.

More than ever I am encouraged to make a paddling trip to these islands some day, and this, in spite of Ewan's accounts of paddling in huge seas and being nearly blown away on a few occasions! I don't pretend to be as high a caliber a paddler as he obviously is, but others who've written about the area have convinced me that there is plenty of good paddling for the competent kayaker at my skill level.

See you there?



Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Michael, Ewan Gillespie is obviously a very fit, headland to headland type paddler. However, Scotland has so much to offer between the headlands, there is a huge amount of geology in a very compact area so the scenery changes round every corner. You will be most welcome.


Glenn said...

Thanks for the mini-review Michael, I've just ordered a copy from Cuallan Press. Looking forward to a good read!