Monday, November 26, 2007

Isuma TV!

Isuma Productions of Igloolik brought us the wonderful film called Atanarjuat a few years ago. Since then it has continued to break new ground and present exciting visual stories from Canada's far north. More recently however, they have been promoting other arctic film-makers. On their new site Isuma TV, they will be encouraging people to upload their works for all to see - sort of a YouTube, Inuit style. At the moment, there are about 80 short videos one can see and as the site is developed, more will be added. I encourge you to check this out!

Photo by Oana Spinu


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing. how is it that you stay so current on what is going on up here? is it the fruits of "retirement"?

Silbs said...

Wonderful site. Thanks, Michael.

Michael said...

C'est moi - it's easy! My thigh's on the masik, my eye's on the horizon and my hand's on the paddle!

Silbs - I thought so too! Looking forward to seeing what else they put up.