Monday, November 19, 2007

Pushing the Season

Someone walking their dog yelled at me the other day as I paddled by. "Pushing the season, aren't you?" they bellowed out. I guess there are those who think I should get off the water, get inside and start watching early winter TV, but just look at the light in the picture above. There is nothing on TV that comes even close to that. Besides, there are a couple of female Common Mergansers trying to sneak by me and some crows staulking the beach looking for edibles. The air is still, the sun's aglow and I'm warm and happy. Pushing the season?



Silbs said...

Poor fellow, he'll never know what he is missing.

SandyBottom said...

Keep it up Michael, and enjoy the process of life. I've added "paddling 100 days" on my to do list when I retire in a few years. Can't imagine a better way to get closer to my soul and my world.

Richard Hayes said...

Pushing the seaon???
Nah, can't be - water's still liquid, isn't it? The Arctic pack ice isn't in yet, is it? So there's a little snow on the ground - makes it easier to slide kayaks around, doesn't it? Betcha the Inuit who invented the kayak didn't quit paddling when it got chilly and there were a few snowflakes in the air...
Chris and I got out Sunday for about two hours in Gasters Bay - about 6 degrees, light winds, beautiful sunshine, and rafts of ducks - must have seen 40-50. Real nice day on the water - would have stayed out a lot longer, but it was Ladies Night at Home Hardware, and you 2wouldn't want to0 miss that, would you?? LOL

clairesgarden said...

it looks beautiful. are you going beyond your 100/100 if the weather holds out?

Michael said...

Silbs - I agree, the poor sot!

Dawn - so true! Write it down in capital letters.

Richard - are rafts of ducks as fun to paddle in as schools of capelin? As for Ladies Night, put me down for next year!

Claire - I just might! I'm hopelessly addicted at this point.