Thursday, December 6, 2007

T Anyone?

Seakayaker Magasine has a nice looking T-shirt for sale on their web site. What I particularly like is the SOF on the back of the shirt. There's something about the naked frame of these traditional kayaks that is so appealing. So if you're wondering what to get yourself or a paddling friend this ConsumerFest, click on the link above and shop away!

Meanwhile, I bought some light-weight boots more suitable for snowshoeing than my heavy rubber barn boots. My wife has been running a tally of her outings either on snowshes or skis and making me look bad as a simple (minded) kayaker. Life's about to change!


clairesgarden said...

looks like you could use some extra clothes to keep out the chill.
could you grease the boat up to stop the ice sticking? that might make it hard to get it back on the car though.

Silbs said...

Thanks for the heads up, I missed this T shirt design. Besides, I love it when you use the word "naked" :>)

Michael said...

Claire - That would add all new meaning to the film 'Grease' now wouldn't it?

Silbs - perhaps I should have used another word... I didn't intend to raise heart rates across the country!

Anonymous said...

Grease ain't gonna cut it - scrubs off too easily in the slush, shish and ice. Best bet is the old Newfoundland trick of sheathing the bows and waterline in greenhart - tough as the dickens, and it'll only add a few hundred pounds to the QCC.
Been too breezy here for paddling -steady 60-gusting-to-80 sort of stuff. Have also been doing the Ho-HO-Ho thing at HH - about double my normal hours.
Jim and I laced up the hull for a new VOLKSKAYAK for Joanie, his lady, last night - docked an inch from the topsides, and another inch from the spreader for the beam - the VK experiment continues. I have the panels for my next one cut out and faired - giving some very serious thought to mucking with the bottom panels to produce a lower displacement hull...