Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skiing With Dogs

Lots of people kayak with their dogs. I've even seen videos of people rolling their kayak while their dog calmly walks around the hull and back up on the deck as the boat turns in the water. Skiing with your dog isn't new either, but ski-joring with our dog is new to me so I thought I'd share pictures taken in the last few days.

The really low temperatures we've had recently had made getting out there a bit of a trial - it's been -20°C and colder with some wind - but having dogs that demand exercise gets one out cold or not. I'm not about to strap myself to a dog so I can be flailed about, but I must admit that those who do get to ski a lot faster than I do. And I know, the dog ought to be on the trail, but hey, she's new at this and actually doing very well! She's often on trail, on task and pulling like a real trooper.

I might try seeing if our dogs would like to pull the kayak this summer. I know they like to swim. Maybe I'll start a whole new sport: kayak-joring...

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