Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Ruined!

I know that, just a few years back, I used to read stories of people who had the good fortune to go paddling in far off places, living exciting lives, surviving on pure adventure adrenaline and so on. Oh how I yearned for those days! My retirement couldn't happen soon enough so that it could begin and I would finally live the life worth living.

Well now that I am retired and am doing my best to crank up the adrenaline pump again, I have been able to taste the 'good life'. I hope you all get there. It's all they say it is. Just look at one of the rock garden fun spots in Newfoundland you could spend the day mucking about in. Places like these make paddling worth doing.

However at the moment, I'm ruined. You see, I didn't work hard enough or get rich enough. I can't stay out in the Paddleland for very long before the bank starts grumbling. I have to return home and hunker down until the coffers refill a bit. Now I go kayaking in a somewhat more subdued rock garden, like this one in the picture above. A single rock lying in about 15 cms of water.

So, if you're still young and, like me, yearning to paddle with the lucky ones, work hard, save your money and once your duties and responsibilities are behind you, you'll paddle your dreams, even if it's with grey hair and wrinkles. In the meantime, I'm ruined, at least until my money pouch refills and I can take off to Paddleland and turn on my dream machine again.


bonnie said...

Good words. And then they could lead into some variation on the Tillerman's famous bumper sticker - "Cheat the retirement home. Die on your Laser."

Alison Dyer said...

hey michael- i just knew that was newfoundland - but where? (have i paddled there, not sure!). so many bays, so little time. ah. some problem :)

Michael said...

Bonnie - Die? I don't have time to die, even on a Laser! LOL

Alison - It's Capelin Cove, opposite you on Conception Bay. I agree, too many bays...

Silbs said...

You tell them, Michael. Youth is wasted on the young. It is at our stage of life that what is important becomes apparent. We know how to live!