Monday, August 27, 2007

Life's Little Challenges

My wife and daughter both ended their summer yesterday. My wife headed off to work and my daughter dragged herself to university. Neither of them was that happy to see me bid them good-bye at the door. I know the feeling. Still, I face some challenges too. I want that SOF of mine recovered in time for Delmarva in October, so I'd better get busy. There's some work to do on the ribs and chines first and I want to put in some slats for easy entry and paddling comfort.

Then I have promised myself to paddle at least for an hour a day for 100 days before the end of the year. I wanted to make that consecutive days, but fear other obligations will prevent that, so to make this do-able, I'm going with the 100 days total before Dec 31, 2007. That will give me a few days leeway for other things (like driving to Delaware, etc). I'll try to remember to post each Monday, how my count is coming along!

The 'Post' taken from above the water, looking nasty.

The 'Post' from underwater with attendant fishes.

Today was day 3. It was a nice, sunny day after two days of rain and thundershowers. I finally found the sunken post I look for every summer. It's been in the lake since long before I was a child, perhaps close to 100 years, so each year I check for it. It owes me a good number of propeller shear-pins from when I was a kid. It had a way of reaching out and hitting our outboard motor back then that was uncanny. This summer, it had eluded me until today so I took some photos of it above and below water for posterity. I guess it doesn't mind kayaks.

Tomorrow? I'll be paddling. Wonder what I'll see?

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