Friday, May 15, 2009

Life On The Road

It's always good to be "on the road again". as Willie Nelson sings it. No matter where one travels, interesting people and places show up. This trip proved that true once again, at least, until the winds began to blow... Returning home yesterday the winds were fierce. I spent the whole trip watching my kayak jerk about in the cross-wind. I fully expected it to take flight at any moment. Fortunately the worse that happened was the cockpit cover came loose and flailed about until I could safely stop and remove it (I keep it tethered to the decklines...).

This truck was less fortunate. It was one of three semi-trailers that got turned over by the winds along this stretch of road. Not a happy sight.

In fact the strong winds were one of the factors which brought my road trip to an end. Georgian Bay, where I'd been paddling, had turned into a churning cauldron the day before and I figured it was not the place to be any longer!

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