Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paddling Fun in Palmer Rapids

Many of you have picked up Adventure Kayak, the Canadian kayaking magazine. This same company does more than publish kayaking magazines, they host kayaking events as well. For several years this event has been mostly aimed at the white-water crowd, the reason being that in the town of Palmer Rapids, Ontario there are a number of drops which provide ideal sites to learn the skills required to white-water kayak. Within easy reach of the camping area are three rapids I would label 'easy', 'moderate' and 'advanced'. It's a perfect site.

This year seakayakers were invited to come and learn their set of skills in the same area, yes, even including the white-water sections. A good crowd turned up and played all weekend in spite of the chilly, rainy weather. The main camping area was crammed with tents and assorted gear. I chose to stay up-river where I could park my micro-trailer on level ground next to the upper rapids. It turned out to be an excellent choice where I enjoyed meeting an interesting group of fellow paddlers, and where the sounds of tumbling water lulled us all to sleep. Sure beat the sound of pounding rain!

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David H. Johnston said...

Hey there Michael, it was great to finally meet you there!


David Johnston