Thursday, June 1, 2006

It Doesn't Matter Anymore...

I took this picture yesterday as I was leaving the wharf for a paddle. I didn't realise until this morning that the spider was missing a leg. In fact his whole right side has obviously suffered some kind of damage. He was definitely hurting.
The paddle began in calm conditions, but a storm was coming. After about an hour, the wind began building and the ride was beginning to get wet. I slipped into my favourite little creek so I could make a phone call without drenching my unprotected phone with spray. By the time I got back on the lake, the rain had started in ernest, but I followed my usual route anyway. I was dressed for getting wet, so, why not continue?
For the first time, people were actually in the water swimming - and screaming! It was still cold enough for me to be wearing my waterproof gloves! A couple were making out under the over-hang of their boat house. Why not? It was 32°C, raining and blowing hard, and they thought there was no one on the water who could see them... I kept paddling. I began to fantasize I was on a major trip somewhere. I tackled the on-coming waves with real survival in mind. I was having fun! I was feeling good.
This morning the spider made me think of something profound. Nature is constantly at work repairing whatever damage life inflicts on our pysches and our bodies. If bad things happen, then so do good things. Even short distance 'adventure' kayaking on a small lake in a rain storm can be restorative.
Maybe that spider lives by the words in Paul Anka's song, "There ain't no use of crying... it don't matter anymore... All the days I've wasted, just don't matter anymore." Thank you spider! Thank you storm! Thank you cell-phone!


Anonymous said...

been there. Good times.

clairesgarden said...

blowing away the cobwebs then. .
I take it you are close to the water? do you get out for a paddle everyday?

Michael said...

Hi Claire,
I'm about 15 minutes from my brother's boathouse where I keep my boats - yes, two glass boats and 2 skin-on-frame boats I've built myself. I'm very spoilt!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just dropping by to say hi and introduce myself. I just started a new kayak blog, and have a link to your site on my "blogroll". I would REALLY appreciate if you could link back to my blog from yours. Happy Kayaking!

clairesgarden said...

ah, lucky you! I suffer envy!!