Sunday, June 25, 2006

Perce Rock

After spending a few days paddling in the Park Forrillon area I I have moved my site of operations into the Perce Rock area this morning. This is the site of the famous ship-like rock which most people think of as Gaspe. In fact, the town of Gaspe is northwest of here about 60 kms. However...
I had some great paddling at Forrillon during the past few days. I tried twice to get around the cape, paddling out the 10 kms to try it, but the first day was far too rough for me! I actually got scared by the breaking waves and cross swell action that was going on out there. I am not rock-garden paddler, it would seem!
Yesterday after battling head winds all the way out to the point, I went around in total calm! Incredible. There were birds, seals (making a strange howling noise...) and even a whale out there to keep me company. I will post some pics when I get home.
If the weather cooperates tomorrow I will paddle out to the Rock and maybe even Bonaventure Island which is further offshore.

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derrick said...

sounds wonderful. . well minus cross swell anyway. :)