Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rainy Reading Revelations

Yet another day in a long drippy wet string of days, darkly revealing low hanging clouds, the prisoners of the guardian trees in the surrounding hills. The lake looks up at the grayness above and weeps with rain circles. The wee folk of the forests stay hidden in their musky homes in the crook of knarled roots. The fish watch the growing circles above and slow their gill movements. They will wait.
No one will carve a keel-line in the lake's surface today. Not even me. Only sodden adventurers stir themselves and venture away from the hearth on a day like this. Unlike the fish, they are driven by other gods deep within their souls.
No. Instead, I will read about a woman who goes off to live in the desert with a band of Australian Aboriginals to learn their secrets and their wisdom. She will discover a Nature unknown to her. She will put her trust and faith in another culture's inner knowledge and seek what she can of their spiritual guidance. She will test her physical endurance and search for a personal transformation among one of the oldest cultures we know. Why?
Powerful stuff. Rainy day stuff for us non-adventurers in arm-chairs, reading with tears in our eyes, and impossible dreams in our hearts.

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clairesgarden said...

thanks for the link to Wendy's site, I have great admiration for such adventurous paddlers. I have never been more than 6 miles from shore and that felt a bit scary!!
I am having a rainy day here, which I am appreciating as a rest from camping all weekend(so I don't have to do all my washing as I couldn't dry it anyway), I have to go to work from 1 till 8 and then I will watch a dvd if its still raining or sit in the garden if its not.