Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Cluster Map

I've been enjoying my little 'cluster map' down at the bottom of the right hand column. Not only does it tell me the number of folks looking in each day, but it gives a general idea where in the world they are located. I had expected to have readers from the United States and Europe, so those dots didn't give me any big surprises, although I thought southern Europe would have found more paddlers. The northern Norway hits were really also a surprise to see!
Then come the really fun ones. Probably the most far out reader seems to be from the Alice Springs area in Australia. What are they thinking? Are there kayak freaks surfing down Ayer's Rock or something? Some one checked in from Israel, another from Sri Lanka and then Singapore and Japan. So cool!
Next come three heartwarming dots, two in the Canadian arctic, one seems to be from around Churchill, the other from Nunavut or as I like to call it Nunasiavut (!). Could that be Mittimattaluk (Pond Inlet)? And the third is from west Greenland where my paddle design comes from.
Finally come the blank areas. Large parts of the Earth appear not to be reading my blog. Is it a question of language? Perhaps it is internet access. Whatever it is I find it a bit troubling, not so much that they aren't visiting my blog, but I wonder if they can or want to connect to other people in the same way my readers obviously have been doing. I'd like to think all of us will eventually have equal access to the cyber-world and can feel free to explore our world as those with access presently do. I have learned a great deal even in the short time this blog has appeared. I intend to learn much more in the future! Thanks for visiting me!

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