Friday, September 7, 2007

Going Electic

With so many Anas Acuta boats for sale these days, it make one wonder what else is for sale. How about this little electric run-about? I'd add one of those flexible electric panels to the roof material and head out on a world tour.

So if I don't get it first, Claire or Derrick, who's going to outbid me on this beauty?


clairesgarden said...

not quite sure that one can cope with the scottish climate! but a wee electric motor might come in handy sometimes. . .

derrick said...

I'm not sure I want that boat, but I'll bid on the little red building behind it. convert it a house and I'd be in heaven!!

Claire, maybe we should swap boats. . . . oh wait. . I'm trying to cut down!

Douglas Wilcox said...

Michael, that looks like a funnel going up through the awning. Is it is not a little steam yacht?

When I was quite young, my parents used to try and tempt me out on various watercraft. Apparently I usually refused saying that I only wanted to go in a boat that had a funnel.

That ooks like the boat I have been waiting for! Mind you, if it is electric, maybe it will have built in a pub finder (purely for soft drinks, of course)!


Michael said...

Sorry to disappoint Douglas, but it's electric. The funnel you see is a post on the dock. There is a small steam powered boat on the lake, but isn't for sale to my knowledge. I'll see if I can get a photo of it for you.