Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paddling on the Wild Coast

For day 32, I paddled Massawippi's 'wild coast' this afternoon. It's a section of the lake's western shore that appears not to have any cottage life. In fact, there are a few cabins, which I define as cottages without road access, as well as some camps, they being small cabins, hidden from view with neither road access nor docking facilities. In a real sense one can paddle this shore imagining one is in the far north of Québec miles from civilization. Of course, one isn't, but like so many things, perception is everything.

On the home front, our Monarch caterpillar changed itself into a chrysalis overnight, dropping its former attire on the counter in a tiny packet for us to dispose of. As most of you know, it will remain encased for several weeks before stepping out, utterly transformed, as a butterfly. Unfortunately, poor timing will probably result in it missing the annual migration call. The only hope is that this warm weather continues for a few more months. Somehow, I fear its fate is sealed far from that mountainside in sunny Mexico...

After a long summer recess, I've also started writing my Ilatsiak story again on my sister blog, ctories if any of you are still following. David is looking for his family and coming to grips with the news of the disaster that is slowly overtaking his former ship-mates. The question is, can he save them or is it too late?


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Kristen said...

You can keep your Canadian geese (run my bike tyres too many times over their poop), but I'll hang on a monarch chrysalis any day - great fun watching these at the back of the section as kids.