Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sights and Smells

Today I paddled southward along the western shore to check out another beaver lodge. I had been alerted about its existance by a reader who emailed me the other day. Sure enough, there are two lodges along that shore about a kilometer apart. This one has two entrances which can be clearly seen, one much deeper than the other which enables the beavers to exit under the winter ice.

The day was overcast, but calm. I had the lake mostly to myself. Passing a local hotel, I was struck by yummy smells coming from their kitchen, one with a 5 star rating. Like the famous story about the hobo in Paris, I feasted my fill before moving along.

In the middle of the lake I came across this sugar maple leaf, having already changed its colours... Am I ready for what's coming?

I'll be keeping tabs on my 100-days-of-paddling challenge by showing the days paddled/100. To date, I've not missed a day since I started, but November ought to change that nonsense...!



bonnie said...


Thanks for bringing me over.

Between that, a chat with my folks, TQ coming down to see me tomorrow & a big gummy smile & belly laugh that KayakBaby sent me (via KayakGirl) - I'm not as down as I was earlier.

Yes, I'm fortunate.

Kristen said...

Our pine needles and leaves are also falling, but it isn't due to autumn sneaking along - just no rain.