Friday, September 28, 2007

Mystery Spot

Something nasty appears to be at work! A dark and mysterious spot has appeared on the Monarch's chrysalis. My wife thinks the roundish brown object is related to the spot in some way as is, perhaps, the orange item. I think otherwise, but nevertheless, trouble is afoot for sure. We'll keep the chrysalis for a while yet, but I think it may have been parasitized and nothing will develop. Sad, but nature can be that way, one thing living off another...

I paddled today between the rain showers. It was still, warm and calming on the water. Several people waved, people I don't know, but they seemed to sense I'm out there for some reason having seen me day after day for a while now. Yesterday a man called out that I seemed "devoted" to my kayak. He's right! I am, very much. And I'm a third the way to my goal of 100 days of paddling, back to back.


1 comment:

bonnie said...

Too bad. Well, as you said, this one probably got going too late to make it. But it would've been neat if he or she had made it.

Actually before I saw this I had had a idea - I was thinking maybe you could box it up & Fedex it to Dawn.

But I guess if it's dead there's not too much point.