Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Teach Me, Teach You

During the past week or so, I have enjoyed reading Silb's Blog as he described the Greenland Qajaq Camp he attended two weekends ago. His experience sounds much like the one I had at the similar event called the Delmarva Qajaq Retreat held each October. Both are characterized by the philosophy that 'We are all teachers as well as learners'. As such, no matter what you think, you can both learn from others and have something to teach to others. I like that idea a lot. It's just one more reason I like to paddle with a Greenlandic paddle. Each stroke is done knowing someone taught it to me and I can teach it to someone else. A good feeling. Thanks for sharing with us, Dick!

I like the feeling of paddling in summer gear: no drysuit, no full spray-skirt, short sleeves, mesh-sided pfd, but always my Greenland paddle. That's year 'round gear for me!


clairesgarden said...

I agree there's always something to learn. and comfy summer wear has to be the best.
still saving up for a drysuit here!

Silbs said...

Thanks for that. I understand that Delmarva is a larger version (more folks) of what I attended. In fact, one of the raffle prizes during our event was free registration for Delmarva.

I agree with your take on teachers. All men are my brother, all men are my teacher, all men are my father is a refrain from men's work. I don't mean for it to be sexist, it is a quote. My sisters have taught me much as well