Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I Wonder...

Now that I have manage to reduce my carbon imprint while afloat, I still need to look at land trasportation costs. An outfit in Germany called Cab-Bike is producing an interesting human powered alternative to cars. I like the idea of it being weather-proof and having some cargo carrying capacity. Obviously it's not going to work here year-round, but I can see it being suitable for the little errand runs we all make frequently. For example, I could take it the 12 kms over to the boathouse for my daily paddle outing. For old gimpers like me, they will even add on an electric assist for the hills. I can see attaching the batteries to a solar panel for re-charging.

Currently it's priced around $10,000 here in Canada, but I suspect it could be had directly from Germany a bit cheaper, especially if one traveled over to pick it up.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Michael> "especially if one traveled over to pick it up."

This looks very interesting indeed but how well does it float? How is forward propulsion in water achieved? It looks commodious enough but does it have space for the all supplies and necessary refreshments you will require on such a crossing as the Atlantic?

What about lateral stability? Will it weathercock? What are the sleeping arrangements? Will you be able to update your blog enroute? Will sponsor you?

Michael, as a kayaker (who has been known to use the ferry on relatively short crossings) I am indeed humbled by your bold Atlantic plan.



Michael said...

I was thinking more of cruising the decks of the QE II in this rig thus saving myself from many of the limitations you mention!