Saturday, September 1, 2007

Birds as Bloggers

While paddling today I got thinking about this blog. What got me on this topic was seeing a loon, the first I'd seen since last Spring. A few days ago I saw a couple of cormorants which are not usual visitors to my lake. Such different birds and they raise very different emotions in me when I see them. One I like, the other makes me shake my head.

Cormorants seem like birds with no shame. They don't mind exposing themselves to one and all, freely hanging out their laundry for us all to see. Some days I wonder if my blog is a bit like that. I hope not. I don't really care for that 'me, me, look at me' kind of blog. Hopefully I have better things to blog about.

Now loons, they seem to say, 'oh, look!', then quickly and mysteriously they're gone, off to something else interesting and fun. Hopefully this blog is a bit loon-like. Not 'me, me, me', but lots of 'look at this interesting place or thing I've discovered', then quietly moving on. That's a much more interesting blog, the kind I like to read.


Silbs said...

Not to worry, are clearly Loonie :) Your writings are generally inspirational and always educational. If I know you at all it is because of my perception of what kind of man can observe and then write about the things you discuss on these pages. And, by seeing that what is important to you resonates with me. Keep bringing your observations and wisdom to us. Pure gold.

clairesgarden said...

join the loons!

Ron said...

Yes .. like Silbs says .. a bit loonie! I check here quite often.