Thursday, February 28, 2008

There's Light Beyond The Trees

I've been wanting to upgrade the look of this place for a while now, but was reluctant to let go of my old comfortable format. It was so easy to work with and make little changes to. I especially liked the wider page I had twigged on the old page. Still it was getting out-dated in some ways, so here we are, nearly our of the woods, as it were.

So I took today to make some changes which may be readily visible. I'm not entirely happy yet, but at least all the old information and links are back up and hopefully working.

I'm heading off for a few days to play, so don't look for much until next week sometime. Tavvouatisi!


Silbs said...

Has a brighter, neater look, and it will take a little getting used a new boat. Play safe...

Douglas Wilcox said...

I like your headline photo banner :o)