Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day and Kayak Buddies

What are you thinking about today? Of course, it's your loved ones! Two of mine are in the photo above taking our dogs for a ski now that we have our snow back again in huge quantities! And, of course, as a passionately involved kayaker, I'm thinking about my four boats patiently waiting in the shed for open water days, two glass ones and two home-built SOF boats. They certainly deserve a hug for all the pleasure they've given me during the past year. Where would I be without them?

Then there are the best Valentine's, you know, the secret ones, the tantalizing ones, the ones perhaps forever out of reach... I'm thinking about you as well. You know who you are, don't you? Think back. We're avid kayakers. We enjoyed a meal together and some stimulating conversation, perhaps fueled with some red wine. We might have paddled along a rugged coast in sparkling water under a sunny sky. Maybe I'm just dreaming about that... We parted with a tight hug, perhaps making a little secret promise to ourselves. I'm thinking about you today and sending you warm, happy Valentine wishes for another great year of paddling ahead, perhaps together ;-)

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