Monday, February 4, 2008

Paddling Lists - Eqe

It isn't very long between the time you begin paddling and your creation of a list of places you'd love to go paddling. In no time you start to accummulate your own personal 100 Places to Paddle Before You Die.

I made up a list a few years ago and have been slowly crossing off some places, but of course, there are many more to go, not to mention, a few to return to, as well! The two pictures on this post are from I place called Eqe, a series of long bays extending into the west coast of Baffin Island from northern Foxe Basin. I was there years ago looking for some caribou to eat and some of their skins to take home to make winter clothing. It's a beautiful spot choked full of wildlife and fed by streams coming down from the central Baffin ice cap, one of the few remaining in the northern hemisphere.

I'd just love to go paddling there some day! So what's holding me back? Mostly it's become a question of money. Travel to the Canadian arctic has become crazy. It's cheaper to fly around the world than paddle in Eqe at the moment. Which brings me to my list again. Mmmmm...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

It is a wierd feeling looking at land without trees. However I see a tranquil beauty that would be worth an experience. You are a fortunate man to have had the opportunity to experience that part of our country for sure. I enjoy those stories. As a matter of fact Michael, I was reefing through some boxes the other day and found one of the first printouts I printed when I was first reserching kayaks and kayaking and you and Enuki Kunnuk were sharing laugh. The caption was Return to the Ooglit Islands. In retrospect you could say you were one of my first inspirations to paddle. A very small world indeed.

Michael said...

Indeed! Enuki is alive and well, although getting on these days. He's father to Zack Kunnuk, the man behind the Atanarjuat film which won an award at the Cann film festival a few years ago. Interesting family!