Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Fall Down

Almost all the leaves have fallen down. Nature's hard work is over, now it gets the winter off. This picture shows what's left, a forest - and a country road - buried in leaves soon to be returned to the soil from where they came. Interestingly our lives follow the same pattern: we work hard to make a name for ourselves in whatever is our chosen endeavour, we shine for a while and then we take our ease and let others carry on.

Well, for some, anyway. For me, it's more about keeping the light burning, not trying to shine too brightly, but shining just enough to see the next headland, or the height of navigation in a little brook like the one in the photo above. That's enough for me because I like the journey best. I know where I'll end up sooner or later. I'm in no rush to get there and see the "shining light" people talk about!

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