Sunday, October 19, 2008

Paddling Companions

As the days grow shorter and both the air and water grow cooler, there are fewer and fewer paddling companions about. In fact I haven't seen another kayaker on the water since Thanksgiving (Oct 12th). This is both sad as it means that not many people have the proper equipment to be out there, but also it means that they are wisely staying off the water, knowing the risks of taking a tumble into waters too cold for casual clothing.

I'm not totally alone however. Yesterday I was led along the shore by a Great Blue Heron. It would watch me approach, take off and fly along a few hundred meters and land. I could see it watching me carefully, checking my every stroke as I made my way closer. Satisfied that I was doing okay, it would take off again and wait once more, again keeping me under cautious scrutiny. It's lonely out there, but I'm not alone!

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