Thursday, October 16, 2008

Safety Bay

While out paddling in the winds the other day, the idea was to paddle up-wind and then surf back the way I'd come. The winds were kicking up some good sized breaking waves making the windward leg a real workout. The kayak would regularly bury its nose in the advancing wave, then bounce up, over to crash into the trough with a bang and a splash. Needless to say after about a mile or so up wind, it was good to reach this little bay, dubbed 'Safety Bay' for the occasion. I wasn't the only one taking a breather. The surface was covered with hundreds of leaves waiting their turn to head down the lake towards the outlet and whatever fate had in for them.

After a moment to let the adrenaline subside, I would charge into the fray once again, this time trying to catch a few good rides down the backs of waves. Once at the starting point, it was a quick turn, the odd brace to avoid going over and another slow climb back to 'Safety'. The wind held out longer than I did. It was a fresh, young thing, I guess...

I don't get to paddle in heavy wind and big waves very often, so it was good practice for those times when I do get out on the ocean where conditions like these are much more common. Oh, that that could happen more!

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