Wednesday, October 8, 2008

They're Back...

Claire made the comment yesterday that the lake water looked cold. In fact, it's still rather warm. I heard that some people were actually in swimming - voluntarily! Not me. I'd rather paddle, thank you.

Today I decided to see what was floating in the water. Here are a couple of samples. The leaf is one of thousands having been shaken out of their summer homes in the trees.

The second photo hints of a transient. Canada Geese are beginning to show up again on their way - or not - south. As in recent years, these birds are staying on the lake until it freezes over completely in January. Unlike the olde days, they no longer follow predicable migration seasons, tending to linger wherever the food is. And they'll eat practically anything they can find. Another reason for No Trace camping. Pretty embarrassing to have a gaggle of geese following you from campsite to campsite!

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