Monday, April 2, 2007

Birding on the Suwannee

Here's a little 'teaser' video I shot with my Pentax Optio while paddling on the Suwannee River a few weeks ago. The banks varied from what looked like sand banks to mud flats flanked by cypress trees. Now and then you'd come across small flocks of feeding wading birds like the egrets and ibises in the video. Again the image quality is very mediocre, something that will hopefully change with my new camera setup. As I mentioned previously, that editing jobs is in the works, but will take me a while to complete.

I find it interesting that one would find such mixed flocks of birds together, often several species working a shoreline together. I'd seen sea gulls and cormorants nesting in very close proximity while paddling around Manitoulin Island a few years ago and thought it was an unusual pattern, but perhaps it's more common than I realised.

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