Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taking My Memories Back Home

Good things have a way of ending as we all know and that's about to happen to me. My visit to Newfoundland is winding down. I'm heading westward tomorrow and catching the ferry to Cape Breton on Sunday. That's the dark side of today's post...

... but the bright side is all the great memories I'll be taking home of people met and places paddled most of them for the first time. Will I be back? Of course I will!


kayakr said...

Hi Michael!

It has been very nice following your trip. New Foundland seems to be a really nice place for seakaykaing.


Michael said...

Peter - I'm not quite done yet, but certainly Newfoundland is perhaps the best place to paddle on the east coast of N. America. It's got such a varied coastline, not to mention a variety of whales and often icebergs. The people couldn't be nicer!

Silbs said...

I've enjoyed the posts and pictures, as well. Safe rest of the trip.

Gaétan said...

Hi Michael, it was a real pleasure to meet you and paddle with you, Rick,Chris and my wife Helene.
I appreciate the moments paddling all together and those while taking a good coffee in the warmth of Tim's caravan.
I hope we will paddle again one day !
Take care !