Monday, October 1, 2007

Noodle Magic

When paddling around the rocky shores of Manitoulin Island a few years ago, it very quickly became apparent that my brand new kayak was not going to survive the abrasion abuse it was getting every time I landed. There was nothing that I could do about it except be extra careful. Oh if I only had a pool noodle to roll the heavy boat up the limestone beaches! On the third day, Providence provided. A neon green pool noodle magically appeared on a deserted beach! It didn't take long to put it to good use. I still have it today and use it now and then.

Yesterday, Lake Massawippi provided me with another noodle. I had been wondering what to use for floatation in the re-skinned SOF as I paddled along. Suddenly the Lake answered, "Here's a pool noodle!" Amazing indeed. Is it me, the places I paddle or the pool noodle god that seems to be in touch with my needs? In any event, I tucked the noodle under the rear deck bungies and paddled home.



Richard Hayes said...

Those noodles are indeed one of the best-kept secrets in kayaking and canoeing. The round ones are fine for rollers and floatation. at a fraction of the cost of "proper" materials.
We use the flat versions to make up padding for our cockpits, deck knee pads, etc. I'd send ya a pic of the tricked-out cockpit in my VK, but Chris says the multi-hued duct tape is a disgrace, as it isn't colour coordinated...

Kristen said...

Wish I'd thought of the noodle trick earlier! Still, the boat's hull's looking well used.